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Music, Dance and Theatre performances LIVE from
The FireHouse Arts & Events Center

John Pinetree & the Yellin' Degenerates

Original Funk, Jazz, & Soul

John Paynich and his band bring you some exceptional Toe Tapping music in this Performance. Their musical talents combined with the outstanding vocals will leave you wanting for more… stay tuned for their next recording coming soon in the FireHouse Gallery. It  will be worth the wait!

TICKETS: $5.00

Seattle HouseRockers

Live in Concert

After decades of performing and contributing to dozens of recordings, the Seattle Houserockers bring their infectious sounds into our homes.
From gut-bucket blues to a get-down funk number, this band covers all the bases, all served up with feeling.

TICKETS: $5.00

from where they are

An insightful screen piece

A screen piece  created by Kuntz & Company that shares the insightful perspectives of 14 children, ages 7-16, on their time during these early months of Covid-19. This is a Fundraiser for the FireHouse Arts and Events Center.

TICKETS: $5.00

Fl!p & Zeke

Live in Concert

Join Fl!p Breskin and Zeke Hoskin as they play music, sing, and tell stories to celebrate life, togetherness, strength through adversity, and LOVE!

This special performance was to celebrate Fli!p’s 70th birthday.


JP Falcon Band

A night of live, original music

JP Falcon Brady and Michael Longeneker, longtime musical partners, perform a collection of their beautiful original works live from the FireHouse Studio. 

TICKETS: $5.00

Julian MacDonough

Jazz Series

Episode 1

American jazz musician, studio drummer, and educator, Julian MacDonough, joined by musicians across the country, play at FireHouse Studio.


Rachel Carter

“Soraya” by Emad Sayyah, “The Soul of Cairo” by Ahmen Gibaly & Orchestra, and “Baladi” by Armen Kusikian

Belly dancer Rachel Carter performs three beautiful dances inspired by the music of the Middle East. 


Cheryl Hodge

A night of Blues and Jazz

International recording and touring singer/songwriter CHERYL HODGE brings her award winning talent to the FireHouse Studio. She is trilled to donate 85% of all proceeds go to her charity, Dementia Singalong Therapy Program 


Here's to the Women!

Documenting the story of women’s suffrage 

HERE’S TO THE WOMEN! Linda Allen is known as a singer of stories and a voyager of the heart. See her popular show of music, stories and photographs commemorating the battle for the 19th Amendment.

TICKETS: $10.00

Evan Mueller

“All the World’s a Stage…”

by William Shakespeare

Evan Mueller gives a special performance of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous monologues from As You Like It, live from the FireHouse Studio.



Live at FireHouse Studio


Live at FireHouse Studio