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FireHouse Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

While we are apart during Washington’s Stay Safe – Stay Healthy order, the new FireHouse Studio is a great way we can still experience “live” performances on our computers, phones and other devices in the privacy of our own homes, or wherever we happen to be. Fans can experience and enjoy your performance more than once, and view from different vantage points, including closeups.

This is a videotaped recording of your performance just as if you had presented it in front of a live audience. The editing process ensures the best angles, including closeups, plus good quality sound and color balance.

Videos will be shot by a professional videographer in the FireHouse Studio Theatre, using the theatre’s state-of-the-art sound system, and the theatre’s lighting system individualized for your performance. We’ll shoot the full performance chronologically at various angles for coverage, and add closeups.

We use a brand new Panasonic HC-V770 FULL HD Camcorder with Panasonic lens. Optical zoom is 20x with an extension using intelligent zoom up to 50x with perfect quality pictures. The HC-V770 camera has a clean HDMI output that can shoot 1080p videos at 60fps. The HC-V770 also improves on shots taken in bright or dark areas through its HDR Movie function. This camera will perform with almost no light. It suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights to make videos crisper and clearer. The camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi, 5-axis image stabilization, remote monitoring, and built-in jacks for mics and headphones.

FireHouse has a high-quality theatrical sound system, including microphones, allowing for optimum sound. FireHouse technicians are available to work with you or your lighting designer for optimal lighting for your performance. Your video is edited and sound mixed using professional software.

A: The final product is an edited video of your performance, including close-ups, sound design, titles, and sound. There are two options for video placement:

If your video is selected to be a part of the FireHouse Studio Gallery, your final video will be posted on the FireHouse Studio Vimeo Page and to the FireHouse Studio Website Gallery Page, and be available for ticket sales and online, on demand viewing. The ticket price will be determined by you and the FireHouse. FireHouse Studio Gallery videos are selected by a committee of professional artists, filmmakers, and film technicians.

For other video performances, you will receive a copy of your finished performance video to do with as you wish.

Since this is an actual performance, almost as if you were doing it in front of a live audience, the FireHouse records your entire performance chronologically — all the camera angles, audio recordings, and music. This documentary-style edit is traditional and clean. The Audio includes your unedited dialogue and music recorded during the performance. The length of the video is based on the length of the actual event. For online performances viewed on small screens, we recommend less than 60 minutes total length.

If your recorded performance is selected for the FireHouse Studio Gallery,  it can be accessed from the FireHouse Studio web page and on the FireHouse Studio Vimeo page where the FireHouse will sell tickets. 

 The affordable costs should be discussed with the FireHouse because every performance has different needs. 50% percent of the costs must be paid prior to the video recording of your performance. The remaining 50% will be paid according to your agreement with the FireHouse. If your video is selected for the Gallery and Vimeo online sales, you will receive 85% of ticket sales after all costs are paid. Vimeo charges 10% and FireHouse 5% administration fee. The video will remain on the FireHouse Studio Vimeo page for 90 days. Check with FireHouse for details.