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connecting performance artists with worldwide audiences

While the magic and excitement of gathering together in a theater can never be equaled, FireHouse Studio presents filmed performances on demand, anytime, anywhere. Experience live music, theatre and dance from FireHouse Studio on your computer, phone, TV, or other device.


Music, Dance and Theatre performances LIVE from the FireHouse Arts and Events Center.

from where they are

An insightful screen piece

A screen piece  created by Kuntz & Company that shares the insightful perspectives of 14 children, ages 7-16, on their time during these early months of Covid-19. This is a Fundraiser for the FireHouse Arts and Events Center.

TICKETS: $5.00

Seattle Houserockers

Live in Concert

After decades of performing and contributing to dozens of recordings, the Seattle Houserockers bring their infectious sounds into our homes.
From gut-bucket blues to a get-down funk number, this band covers all the bases, all served up with feeling.

TICKETS: $5.00

Here's to the Women!

Documenting the story of women’s suffrage

HERE’S TO THE WOMEN! Linda Allen is known as a singer of stories and a voyager of the heart. See her popular show of music, stories and photographs commemorating the battle for the 19th Amendment.

TICKETS: $10.00

Other Performances available in the FireHouse Studio Gallery

The FireHouse is a nonprofit organization operating under the
501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship of Allied Arts Foundation. The FireHouse is dedicated to connecting the Community with the Arts. Donations will be used for FireHouse Scholarships to assist with costs for Educational Events, Instructional Classes, and to assist smaller and economically challenged performing arts groups in our community teach, learn, and perform, allowing them opportunities they cannot otherwise afford. 

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Thank you to our sponsors, Allied Arts Foundation (Seattle), Eileen and Steve Nelson, and Stiletto Rosso Productions